We collaborate with professional event planners, artists, and university student life groups to present out-of-the-box experiences from charitable fundraisers to extraordinary adventures. 

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Wanting a program packed with massive amounts of full on fun, community, compassion, encouragement, inclusivity, celebration, and great vibes?

Needing a transformational event for promoting mind, body, and spirit wellness while providing tools to confront the epidemic of stress, anxiety and depression?

Change it up by joining the empowering and interactive experience of EXHALE!

Sought after as a powerful ground breaking event for everything from festivals to wellness events, mental health awareness and suicide prevention programs, destress fests, concerts, team building experiences, university welcome week-homecoming-and parents’ weekends, and high school grad nights!

EXHALE…not just a workshop or an event, but a captivating celebration of amazing music, exhilarating movement, deep connectivity, pure magic, and a room full of humans who walk out one hour later feeling radiantly alive!