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"10 New Artists You Need to Know: November 2017 ... "Test" is a beautiful, dark, twisted fantasia."



"At every SXSW there's the show that could be the 'I saw them play for 30 people at South-By before anyone knew who they were' and this year's just might be SARO."


"Saro's electrifying new single is all about resilience after devastation... [a] dazzling, dark new release." 


"SARO is the kind of artist whose innovation merits a bigger following, and one who seems destined to gain it."


Recently named by Rolling Stone Magazine as "10 New Artists You Need to Know", LA native, SARO, is exploding on the music scene with sold out shows from opening for Miquel in NYC to the sought-after stages of the 2018 Bonnaroo Music Fest. With shouts such as Billboard Magazine's, 'at every SXSW there's the show that could be the "I saw them play for 30 people at SX before anyone knew who they were" and this year's just might be SARO', this noir electronic pop band's media shouts, playlists, and following are quickly blowing up. Grab them while you can!


"X LOVERS created such an upbeat environment for our student body. This duo engaged their audience with their perfect mix of indie and acoustic sounds from start to finish."

-Gonzaga University, Spokane Washington

"We'd definitely recommend X LOVERS to any campus interested in putting on a fantastic show. They were a great addition to our fall concert series and all of our students really enjoyed their band and their music."

-California State University, Dominguez Hills

"X LOVERS are creative and talented with great sound. The band is amazing, kind and spends a lot with the audience before, during and after their shows."

-University of California, Santa Cruz


London Jackson, 21 and Jacob Ames, 20, the powerful and alluring duo of X LOVERS, began playing music together when they were just 11 years old. Viscously sticking to their ambition of making an impact through music since day one, London and Jacob officially debuted X LOVERS in 2016. Inspired by the raw imperfection of artists such as Ray Charles and Radiohead to the pure glamour of icons like David Bowie and Madonna, X LOVERS embraces individualism and coming of age through the pairing of Jacob's unapologetic pop production with London's fiercely honest lyrics and melodies. Writing and producing for major label artists such as such as Maggie Lindemann, Madilyn Bailey, Goldn, and Gia, this highly sought after East and West Coast college favorite is booking fast! Grab them while you can!


"The Yeti Beats-produced track ["Hurts So Good"] floats into your ears with ease."



"VIAA explains how a basic romantic theme grew into something that speaks to bigger women’s and indeed human issues."


"This bluesy songstress is now taking center stage with an important message from her new single, 'Run Around."


"With a nostalgic ’90s Pop flair, “Hurt So Good” recalls the many obstacles we face when moving on from an expired love."


3 vocalists + 1 DJ = 4 badass women providing fabulously great vibes, perfectly exquisite harmonies, and one helluva an amazing dance party. Highly touted on Nylon, Jezebel, Refinery 29, Galore, Vibe etc., VIAA is killing the music scene while standing up for herself and other women in the industry; a core value in the pursuit of her craft. A no-egotiable. VIAA's honey like vocals and sparkling demeanor, landing her on teams of Anderson Paak and Willow Smith, roll off of bodies like cool water on a hot summer day. Her vibe feels exactly like a road trip with the top down and the music blaring. Powerful, electric, poignant, and speaking strongly of a woman's coming of age, VIAA's music shows - especially in today's political climate - the vitality of artists pushing narratives which create positive waves of change for many years to come.


"Just when you thought you were finally done hearing "Bang Bang" for a while, a remix comes along that's so good there's no way you can physically stop listening to it... Imanos & Gramercy claim they turned "Bang Bang" into a "breakbeat dance floor destroyer," and we couldn't agree more."


"Imanos is turning the table on his career, taking a step out of the shadows as a co-producer for Diplo ("Revolution") and Jessie J ("Sweet Talker") and making his own headlines... There's nothing 'Gunshy' about Imanos' debut single feat. Pusha T and Karen Harding."


"Pusha T’s unmistakable verses glide seamlessly alongside the familiar production finesse we’ve come to expect from Imanos... “Gunshy” may be the first out of the box, but it's a promising indicator of where the Canadian talent is placing his sights for 2017."


Most notably co-producing and being featured on Diplo’s 'Revolution', and co-writing the title track of Jessie J’s last album, 'Sweet Talker', IMANOS has gained support from the likes of Skrillex, Diplo, The Chainsmokers, DJ Snake, Martin Solveig, Pete Tong, and A-Trak. This powerful rising artist's debut single, 'Gunshy' feat. Pusha T, was featured on the soundtrack of the hit action film, xXx: Return of Xander Cage as well as a National ad campaign for Simple Mobile. With his college show debut at Stanford University, IMANOS is now booking college shows Nationwide for either straight up DJ'd events, or for the varied pop up events available from the Artemis menu.


"Cooper's is the kind of show that turns heads, whether he is in the foreground, or playing as part of a larger event, people stop and listen. Not sure if it's his lyrics or unique playing style, but everyone keeps asking who he was and keep looking for more of his music online. I can definitely see him filling a position similar to Ed Sheeran one day."

- Spokane Falls Community College

"Cooper has an amazing voice that was infectious at our campus. In a blink of an eye he connected with our students through his music! The performance was one of our best for our Music Mondays!"


-Green River College, Auburn, WA


Growing up in the suburban confines of Detroit, Cooper is well aware of the Motown, rock and hip hop stars of his automative industrial hometown. However, it was the combined early influences of Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Amos Lee, Mason Jennings and Donovan Frankenreiter that captured his attention and began a passion for songwriting. From there, he has honed his mature, rich organic vocal with a knack for creating unique melodies and lyrics that imply he is just getting started.


"Buxton was born to make music, and the Philadelphia-native is no stranger to having accumulated a string of accolades in her short career."


 "Buxton knows who she is as an artist, and she doesn’t plan on changing that for anyone any time soon. In Something Different, she delivers a raw, honest, and clear message that only a real musician can."


"Katie's honest, relatable, and meaningful music certainly struck a chord with us, and we've been hooked on her haunting vocals ever since."



Believing intention, vulnerability, and honesty are three things which can change the world, Katie Buxton uses her music as a tool to bring to light topics which everyone can relate to, but no one usually talks much about. Katie strives to bring her listeners back to their own truths by speaking and living her own. Influenced by artists like Joni Mitchell, Ed Sheeran, Trevor Hall, Ben Rector, Nahko & Medicine for the People, as well as the natural world, personal experiences, and the characteristics of our society, Katie brings forth an exquisite and highly relatable performance of music and spoken word time and time again.


“Bostick is an utter songwriting talent... [a] new and authentic roots/Americana artist, who isn't afraid to let his hair down and have some serious fun. He isn't just some good ol' boy. Ben Bostick is the real McCoy.”


“Ben Bostick has clearly done some living and learned some lessons, and he knows how to turn what he’s seen and felt into stories you’ll want to hear.” 


“Ben Bostick is an audacious, trailblazing messenger with enough promise to bode a paradigm shift in modern music.”

“Bostick keeps his tales concise, his rhymes tight, and his language bluntly poetic, and sings it all in the parched growl of a desperate man who has been wandering the Mojave for too long – and we’re hooked.”


The raw power of classic country, authentic roots, folk and Americana IS Ben Bostick. Carolina-raised, California-based, songwriter, musician, and front man to the highly sought after Ben Bostick Band, Ben's influences range from Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen to Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson. Perfect for large scaled events needing a high energy country dance band with all of the classics, to soulful and intimate gatherings brimming with exquisite originals, Ben is one of the hottest new artists on the college and event market. With his second full length album, Hellfire, recently released, Ben books frequently and well in advance. Grab him while you can!


"Music with wonderful rhythm, something trancey, and a wonderful warmth to it. Reminds me a little of Roisin Murphy. Great voice and great songwriting. "

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 3.13.35 PM.png

“'Don’t Wait' is a slice of dance-inducing electro-pop.  A theme of empowerment runs throughout the track... This is one for those who have ever found themselves alone and needing to push on forward to keep the torch alight.


"Visceral and electric"



19th Moon is an American born artist raised in Lagos, Nigeria who finds great company in artists like Jeff Buckely, Tricky, Amy Winehouse, Radiohead, Florence and the Machine, Coldplay, and Bjork. Exquisitely unique, Moon has self-produced and released four EP’s and two Singles. After releasing the fourth EP in fall of 2016, Moon caught the attention of the label HUMAN Worldwide. A powerful collaboration began, and Moon's newest EP, “ACCEPTED” was born. Moon, a believer in true magic, feels her music is an extension of her spirit, an expression of her innermost thoughts, and her truest connection to the Universe. Moon has performed in Los Angeles, Austin, New York, and throughout Europe, and is a brand new and refreshing addition to the college and university market.



“In that one performance, Schiavo proved to both the coaches and America that he was destined for stardom and that The Voice would just be his first musical conquest on the way to the top. Schiavo has a truly unmatchable talent. His sound is smooth, pure, and effortless.” 


“One thing became very clear when we had our chat with The Voice alumni Mike Schiavo: Our words don’t compare to the way he tells his story.” 



23-year-old Mike Schiavo's style of urban pop began stealing hearts all over the world through YouTube where his channel has received millions of views. Time and talent led him to the City of Angels to chase his dream and, quickly after, to Team Adam on The Voice after turning the chairs of Levine, Pharrell, and Blake. Mike became a quick favorite, with his audition video receiving over 8 million views on YouTube and his version of "Talking Body" spending two weeks in the Top 150 iTunes Pop Charts, peaking at #34. Directly following The Voice, Schiavo set out on a 20 city tour and has followed that chapter with opening for artists ranging from LeAnn Rimes to Jacob Whitesides. He is currently writing his next record while beginning to warm the hearts of college students as a fresh and dynamic singer songwriter on the university entertainment scene.


“Mr. Webb is hard to categorize, but there is no doubt he’s a natural star: a fabulous tap dancer who also offers thoughtful, quirky reflections on life through spoken-word performance with music.”

Joseph Webb, front and center of his band Beautiful Fire, is, as the New York Times says, 'hard to categorize but no doubt a natural star'. A hybrid of all things positive, relatable, desirable, relevant, loving, gratifying, and energetically uplifting, Joseph and his five piece ensemble embody artistry saturated in the radiant affirmation of SELF! Highly sought after for their signature sound merging funk, hip hop, soul, rap and tap, (with a full band!), Joseph is now booking nationwide and will, without a doubt, bring an infinite abundance of good vibes to your next event.


“It's a raw rocking tune with ripping production. Taking influence from the heavier side of The Beatles and the thunderous exploratory nature of Led Zeppelin, "What Could I Do" packs a serious punch of edgy and rootsy excitement.”



“The YeahTones are kind of the perfect soundtrack for when you decide to finally blow off your mom and sneak out of the house with your friends. The YeahTones play a brash kind of rock n' roll that's equal parts fun and liberating. The band deals exclusively in punk's don't-care attitude, but delivers wildly catchy hooks that never feel insincere. “


The YeahTones is the tenacious rock n roll brain child of bandleader and frontman, Jake Pinto. Exploding with undeniable rock n roll energy and electrifying vibes while delivering straightforward anguish and tenacity via their stunning lyrics, this band thrills their audiences time and time again. Uniquely able to make their audiences thrash and scream while at the same time handing out energy of catchy riffs and sexy melodies to take home for contemplation after each of their shows, The YeahTones kill every time they perform. The Brooklyn-based band’s debut record, "Eviction," and sophomore record, "Lightning," each represent their fearless and unpretentious version of pure rock n roll. Brand new on the college scene and sure to bring forth something unique to your campus events....The YeahTones.



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"His schooling is firmly grounded in Hank Williams, Neil Young, and Ryan Adams. And as you would expect from an artist whose sound takes in such references, his debut record 'Songs From The Hive' is a record of folky Americana and heartbreaking country."

-Song Writing Magazine

"A pure, expressive voice and a fondness for lonesome steel guitar."
-CMT Edge

Playing everywhere from colleges to cafes, big theaters to small, living rooms to listening rooms and boasting over 300 shows in the past year and a half, Brian Dunne continually brings his audiences a vibe that resonates deep within. His penetrating lyrics touch on both the invisible and the intangible and the risks that come with both. Soulful and subtle reflections on how we treat those we're closest  to while maintaining idealism, even after loss, hit home song after song. The perfect match for coffee houses and noon time series as well as festivals looking for that perfect singer songwriter vibe.


"The Top 5 Guitar Solos Of 2015" - "This particular brand of solo is especially absent from today's music... Simons serenely and properly walks with a guitar through a gorgeous acoustic landscape, going everywhere you know he would in ways you wouldn't imagine."


"Keaton Simons has a lived-in quality that will echo in our minds and hearts for years to come."



"The oceanic metaphors of the soulfully mellow “Currently” would sound perfect around a beach bonfire. [Simons] gets to show off his chops when the music picks up, the song’s spacious blues recalling “Band of Gypsies”-era Hendrix."


Internationally recognized for packed houses with artists such as Coldplay, Snoop Dogg, and Chris Cornell, Keaton Simons can be seen on Fallon, Kimmel and Ellen, heard on Suits, and Sons of Anarchy, and seen everywhere from SXSW to Hotel Cafe. One of the most desired singer/songwriters on the music scene, Keaton's soulful and personal connection with his audience brings deep satisfaction to every show he plays.